K04 turbo gti

An electronically signed Race-only Product Acknowledgement Agreement is required prior to shipping out. The use or installation of this product outside of the intended closed circuit racing purpose may be illegal under the Federal Clean Air Act 42 U. Instructions for the waiver will follow after checkout.

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Product description. From the beginning our engineers wanted to make this K04 a simple, quick installation, without adding a lot of extra parts and mess. This makes the installation quick, neat, and with no fitment issues you might have with aftermarket Diverter relocation kits.

No wiring is required as a consequence of this. It delivers horsepower which is a good, reliable amount on the stock engine. It makes the car an absolute riot to drive without becoming a chore to own and operate. We then modify it to place the diverter valve in the OE location so the fitment is exactly like stock for an easy install. Once installed, the K04 appears entirely OE except for your bolt ons such as cold air intakes.

This K04 has been modified to drop into place of the factory turbocharger with minimal work. This IE K04 turbocharger kit is a turbo hardware only upgrade kit, and requires additional hardware and software to complete the installation. Not included with this kit.

k04 turbo gti

The upgraded turbo kit and additional hardware will require a software upgrade to the factory ECU. Make sure you source a K04 turbo specific tune to complete your upgrade. When upgrading to a larger turbocharger it is important to make sure your intake can supply your turbo with plenty of flow. The increased size, flow, performance, and boost of the larger K04 turbocharger will dramaticially increase the charge air temperatures and quickly cause heat soak.

Once your intercooler is heat soaked, you will quickly lose huge amounts of power as intake air temps rise. The factory restrictive downpipe can not provide adequate support for the larger K04 turbocharger, upgrading to a aftermarket performance downpipe is required for optimal power output.

IE recommends a 3" downpipe to match your new K04 kit.

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It is also recommended to upgrade to a higher output spark plug to provide plenty of spark for the increased cylinder pressure. Customer feedback. There have been no reviews. Add your own review. Select Your Vehicle. Read Full Description. Add To Cart.

IE K04 Turbo For Kit MK6 2.0T TSI

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k04 turbo gti

I'm from SA, most guys follow the KO4 route. Was wondering if there is a turbo that delivers more reliable power for my GTI? Any advise appreciated.

Volkswagen GTI Turbo Upgrades

Its popular because it get you to some higher power levels yet retains quick spool characteristics. Also the kits seem pretty ridiculously reliable from what I've read. If you wanna just go a tad bigger you're gonna be looking at a GT28rs which requires a separate manifold upgrade as well.

Your question wasn't worded very clearly so I was figuring you were talking manifold style when talking similar fit. Also not going to say the k04 is the best turbo. There really is no such thing as a best turbo its all in what you're looking to get out of the car.

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I would say it's the best bang for your buck Turbo. Location SoCal Location Vegas. There is no best. As stated already it all depends on what your goals are. Well thx for the comments. I think the bigger turbo will definetly be the better route. He only ran 1 run at Tarlton International Raceway and managed to do Now another friend is threatening our Maybe now you guys understand why we need to find a solution! Plenty of 2.

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TSiUG sleeper Location Dayton, OH. Ruan Ready to race!

Golf Mk6 GTi -345HP - K04 - Stage 3 - Straight Pipe , Brutal Sound!!

Over here revo can only tune for either K04 or GTSelect an option Warranty does not cover abuse, misuse, consequential damages, normal wear and tear, improper installation, or damages resulting from racing. Warranties only apply to the original owner. If a product is found defective the customer will receive, at the discretion of CTS Turbo, free repair or replacement.

Warranty on other manufacturers will be processed under their terms. Our engineers designed the compressor cover and exhaust housing to work with the larger K04 CHRA, exactly how intended. Beware of these hybrid builds, they are not made to provide optimal flow for the larger turbine wheel and can lead to poor performance and premature failure. High-quality castings are CNC machined to replace your factory turbocharger and do not require any additional parts to be installed.

All you need to run this K04 2. Included Warranty 12 Months All CTS Turbo products are warrantied against manufacturing defects for a period of 12 months from the date of invoice. Share 0 Total: 0 Total: 0 Total: 0.

Not compatible with aftermarket stock turbo outlet pipes EA 2. Volkswagen 1. Login to my account. Remember Me. Log In. Lost your password?It was also the first vehicle to use the 20v 1. There are many variants of the 1. The biggest difference depends on if the engine in your vehicle is mounded longitudinal north-south in your engine bay or transverse east-west. The Audi A4 and VW Passat are mounded longitudinal, meaning the cylinders are in line between the firewall and the radiator.

These two changes are done for packaging reasons; the A4 and Passat are larger vehicles overall, so they have more space under the hood. Even if the engines themselves are mostly the same, they will almost always use different turbos and belt-driven accessories.

No matter what vehicle your 1. One of the most popular modifications for a 1. If you live somewhere with strict smog checks or vehicle inspections, it even looks OEM. If your original K03 turbo needs to be replaced anyway due to normal wear, and you have any interest in going faster, the K04 upgrade is easy.

If you start adding on other common mods like a freer-flowing intake and exhaust, the system will be able to flow even more air and create even more power.

We have a full line of brand-new K03 and K04 turbos available here:. All our parts professionals are here and ready to help! View all posts by: Daniel Fehlings.

May 20, Daniel Fehlings. No comments. Related Posts Ford 7. Leave a comment Click here to cancel reply.JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. HPA project cars have been featured on television, in online media, and in print media across the globe. Take a moment and browse our media galleries to see what people have been saying about us!

To unleash the true potential of your 2.

k04 turbo gti

The HPA K04 upgrade offers a higher operational boost range, while still working with the stock componentry; making for a natural and cost-effective upgrade. This K04 Hybrid conversion allows for a seamless integration, without the need for custom fabrications or aftermarket diverter valves. Our K04 turbo assembly is one of the most advanced units available in North America, featuring many benefits over the competition, including:.

Reworked OEM parts result in high costs with no appreciative performance gains. For over two decades, HPA has been building hybrid turbines for the VR6 powertrain, working with the very best suppliers both overseas and domestically.

By casting the housings, the costly CNC adapter and housing modifications are no longer required and the associated costs and manufacturing time are removed from the kit assembly. To ensure a good result at first fire up, each HPA K04 Hybrid includes a new diverter valve representing the latest design updates from the factory.

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To guarantee that the castings, CHRAs and subcomponents would meet the demands of our customers, weeks of dyno testing and months of track sessions were realized across HPA is one of the only suppliers that has race proven our K04 turbo kits.

Hundreds of abusive hours were logged as we successfully campaigned a pair of K04 2. We are proud to bring a price competitive advantage to the market with a race proven pedigree. With the 2. Only registered users can write reviews. Please, log in or register.

Designed, Engineered, and Manufactured in Canada.If you're looking for proven performance parts for Volkswagen and Audi, you've come to the right place. All rights reserved. This kit is a direct replacement of your stock K03 in most cases and includes everything you require for your upgrade, including a turbo muffler delete for smoother exhaust gas flow, OEM diveverter valve, and OEM N75 Boost control solenoid which guarantees compatibility with all aftermarket tuning.

The HPA K04 Hybrid Turbo is one of the most advanced units available in North America and has been designed for a seamless installation, without the need for custom fabrications or aftermarket diverter valves. HPA is one of the only suppliers that has race proven our K04 turbo kits. Hundreds of abusive hours were logged as we successfully campaigned a pair of K04 2.

Bought this K04 and installed it myself At the same time, the car drives beautifully underneath the power band.

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The guys at HPA are great to deal with and very helpful with install tips. A perfect bolt on K Having seen most other K04 kits in person and also having installed one with dinky DV relocation the HPA kit stands out.

Not only is the quality top notch, fitment is perfect and its priced right. Kudos HPA! Sign up if you want to stay up to date and receive notifications. Developed on the track, adapted for the street. Vehicle Applications. HPA 2. Unleash the True Potential of Your 2. Product Features. All Inclusive Hardware Kit.

Designed To Perform. OEM Quality. Race Proven Pedigree.APR 2. APR 's Transverse 2. Reliability, drivability, stealth and enhanced performance that cannot be bested are the highlights of APR 's newest OEM-component based conversion package. APR 's engineers have expertly recalibrated the engine management system to allow for nearly flat torque delivery from RPM to RPM which results in a smooth linear pull throughout the power band.

Keeping the track enthusiast in mind, this conversion package will not result in overpowering of the driveline but will allow for smooth acceleration to easily maintain control while cornering. One of the greatest benefits to the APR K04 turbocharger system is its simple, yet elegant design.

Is the KO4 the best turbo for a GTI?

APR 's CNC machined direct compressor recirculation port on the OEM compressor cover significantly reduces engine bay clutter and saves the end user from the hidden costs of purchasing extra throttle body pipes, hoses, clamps and DV mounts for recirculating boost pressure. The compact design also removes extra charge piping volume to allow for lightning fast boost response and less locations for boost leaks. Furthermore, charge air pressure is directed directly at the compressor wheel which helps keep the turbo spooled upon lifting the throttle, minimizing turbo lag.

The OEM k04 turbocharger features a turbo muffler designed to reduce turbocharger sound in the cabin that also creates a restriction in the boost pressure delivery stream. APR removes the turbo muffler not only to enhance the sound of the turbocharger, but also to smooth the airflow across the previously baffled muffler section. A long mounting surface provides an excellent slip proof surface for mounting the silicon discharge hose and an o-ring between the flanges ensures a life of leak proof operation.

The K04 turbocharger was originally designed for an FSI engine, and as such, some items not required for the new TSI engine are present. APR has provided a gasket sealed laser cut port cover to block off this part and ensure no unmetered air leaks into the system. The design is clean and simple and never requires maintenance. You may switch between high flow exhaust software and OEM exhaust software free of charge at any time. These programs and features are able to be cycled through via your existing factory cruise control and activated in less than 20 seconds.

You will be able to choose 1 to 4 Programs listed below. APR provides all hardware and software needed to ensure a complete install.

k04 turbo gti

All items which can be preassembled on the turbocharger come preassembled by APR. The APR K04 turbocharger system consisting of the following:. We promise to never spam you, and just use your email address to identify you as a valid customer. This product hasn't received any reviews yet.

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