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We complete and finalize music productions by using cutting-edge audio technologies in line with the current market. The certified skills of our teachers are provided within a high quality educational environment. We aim to fully satisfy the multiple requests of ambitious and determined artists, producers and students. OGAMI is a professional centre providing music production services and training courses. Professional audio services. Theory and Practice. We work with. Carl Brave. Dark Polo Gang.

Ketama Sick Luke. Tutti Fenomeni. Peppe Socks. Morris Gola. Daniele Vantaggio. Electronic musician, producer, performer, sound designer, educator. Jacopo Perillo. Manager, Lawyer, Coordinator. Francesco Pierguidi. Producer, Mixing and Mastering Engineer. Giulio di Giamberardino. Producer, Guitarist, Computer Science.

Andrea Roma. Edoardo Pietrogrande. Producer, Sound Engineer, Educator.

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Andrea LAI. Journalist, Enterteinment Designer, Communication Strategist. Andrea Rango. Alessia Forganni. Musician, Pianist, Songwriter. Paolo Gatti.

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Composer, Educator. Emanuele Amodeo. Vittorio Montesano. Producer, Sound Engineer.

Sakura Ogami

Our partners.A former member of the Order of MessiahOgami became disillusioned by them after learning of their involvement in the Great Cataclysm. She then moved to the Cult of Gaiabut became dissatisfied with them as well and left.

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Ogami instead begins to aggressively attack what she sees as forces corrupting humanity's resurgence and the creation of the Innocents. Players first encounter Ogami when she attacks Third Home with a Tarakahinting she may have been responsible for the attack on Second Home and the death of the players' tutorial mentor figure, DB Kuroe.

Throughout the acts, she becomes a reoccurring antagonist until players are directed to lead both the forces under Lord Doukan and Lord Judah to wipe her out at her base in Ichigaya's Old Ichigaya Camp.

There, she confronts the player in front of a mass of Innocent bodies, using them to allow a figure from the past she believes to be able to save Tokyo to possess her body. After players defeat her and her army of demons and assassinsthey are encouraged to kill her by DB Mikanagiwhich gives an Alignment shift according to whether players move to do so or not.

Regardless if it is the player or DB Mikanagi that moves to kill Ogami, Azura will stop them, leaving Mikanagi to stab her in the leg instead. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Contents [ show ].

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Artwork featuring Ogami. Ogami's first appearance in Home III. Ogami in a cutscene along with an Oni. Categories :. Cancel Save. Suginami Tunnels - Basilica. Demons - Skills Features.We in OGAMI believes that, despite the coming of the new technologies, paper it still be the starting point and the best tool for artists to bring their ideas into life. OGAMI respect the environment. The stone paper, due to is peculiar composition, it's incredible resistant and his paper edges doesn't cut.

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I received the order on time, and the notebooks are all in good condition. They are beautiful and the paper is a marvel to the touch. Best wishes. The paper is very special and it is really nice to draw on it. Writing on this paper is a unique and extraordinary experience.

It is like silk, but it has the strength of the mountain: wonderful. Thank you so much. I don't think I can go back anymore.


The velvety sensation under the fingers is almost addictive. Beware of more "gel" pens that tend to take longer to dry than on a sheet of paper. Wonderful instead under the crayons and pencils. Fallen in love! Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website.Super High School Level Fighter. The Ogami family had maintained their dojo for over three centuries.

They lived close to nature and had an old-fashioned life style. Sakura was the only daughter born into her clan in her generation, and so was compelled to become even stronger than her male family members in order to prove her worth.

As a child, Sakura trained at her family's dojo every day with her father. She fought champions of many disciplines until slowly overtime she was able to defeat everyone she fought.

She was strong despite her slim and fair build. She surpassed her own father at the age of 14 after beating him in a grappling match, never losing to him again after that day. Her goal was to become the Strongest Human Alive. Sakura never had friends before, as people found her appearance frightening and she was too dedicated for her training to have free time.

She also had a poor understanding of modern popular culture due to her upbringing. On the Internet, people called her cruel names such as "Ogre" and "missing link", and there were rumors that she is an extremely violent person who must be avoided at all costs. However, she became very close friends with her classmates in Hope's Peak Academy, and she even told them her big secret of being in love with Kenshiro.

When Makoto introduces himself, he immediately becomes fearful of Sakura, due to her online reputation on the message boards he had read before becoming a student. Sakura comments that she cannot spar with Makoto due to his lack of muscles. The students soon became forced into the mutual killing incident. As an incentive to murder in order to escape, the students were each given a DVD featuring a video from Monokuma which implied that their loved ones were in danger.

Sakura was blackmailed by Monokuma into becoming its mole, in exchange for the safety of her family and Kenshiro. She was instructed to bring about a killing incident should things begin to stabilize among the survivors, although her role was very limited as mutual killing continued without her intervention. She sometimes shared a dorm room with Aoi Asahinawho was afraid of being alone at night after the Mutual Killing Incident began, and appeared to spend the majority of her free time with her.

Before Sakura could properly confess, however, Monokuma beat her to the punch by revealing her status as his mole and renewing his command to commit a murder. When Aoi was injured by Genocide Jack in a particularly heated confrontation, Sakura vowed to finally end things once and for all.


She decided that the most unobtrusive way to go about fulfilling Monokuma's mutual killing instructions was to commit suicide; in doing so, she fulfilled his desire for a murder without harming any of her remaining friends. To prepare for her death, Sakura wrote a calligraphic farewell letter explaining her reasons for committing suicide, expressing her desire to protect and unite the other students.

She also broke down the door leading to the principal's office as a "first strike" against the mastermind, which she mentioned in her suicide note. Finally, she expressed her belief that Monokuma and his controller had done something to the students in order to prepare for the Killing Game; while the exact suspicion was never revealed, it is likely that she believed that their memories had been tampered with.

She had invited all of them to the Recreation Room to talk to her, which Toko and Yasuhiro accepted. However, Yasuhiro thought that she was going to kill him, leading him to injure her with a Monokuma bottle.The Ogami are a mercenary-warrior race that are generally known as pirates throughout the Local Group. The Ogami are large and bulky. They are about 2. Their skin is blue covered, and they have small eyes with no visible ears, and their mouth is developed to eat tough food.

The Ogami are brutal and ruthless.


In this society of warriors, there is a long standing tradition of hiring themselves out as mercenaries to fight in wars, although they will perform specialized assassinations. They are also known as raiders and pirates, scavenging for whatever they can get their hands on. Their code of honor makes them always finish the job and fight to the end, which has made their mercenary services prized and expensive. The Ogami use Slipstream capable attack ships.

In personal combat they use an odd archaic combination of Gauss gunsaxes, and shields. They also use shock and awe tactics when boarding a ship, as seen when they attack the Bellerophon. This wiki. This wiki All wikis. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. A trio of Ogami fighters. Categories :. Cancel Save. Universal Conquest Wiki.His position and name in Code:Breaker was Code but is now currently Code Rei has short dark blue hair with his bangs swept to the side of his face.

He has blue eyes that are normally half closed; when they are fully open, it usually means he is hiding behind his mask. He wears Kibou High's winter uniform, which consists of a white T-shirt, a black long sleeved jacket, and black slacks. In addition, he wears a ring on his left thumb to control his powers, and a glove over the same hand to further restrict himself. When he first appeared, he wore a black long coat instead of his jacket. When using Belphegor, he gains a black long coat seemingly made of fire over his outfit that closely resembles the one he originally wore.

In his original lost form, he went through no physical changes, instead turning extremely cold; however, in his second, he turns invisible and must cover himself to be seen.

Ogami has shown many different sides to himself. One is at school, where he acts like an ordinary high school student; polite, kind and somewhat shy. However, when he does his work for Eden, he completely transforms into a ruthless killer, who only kills what he deems "evil".

Flame (Ogami and Sakura)

Despite that he claims to not care about people, he has shown signs that he does care for people and he shows this through unusual means, but nonetheless he truly does care for others' well-being. He also shows interest in Sakura Sakurakouji as he is unable to burn her, which intrigues him greatly.

Throughout the course of the story, he has slowly changed and become much closer with others, thanks to Sakura, and is even willing to protect her from his brother when he was attacking Yuuki 's mansion, at the risk of his own life. In chapter 92, Sakura's ideals about human life finally seem to get to Rei, when he spares Haruto, and instead places a fire in the assassin's chest that will kill him if he does wrong again.

After the split within the Shibuya housemates, Rei is shown to be much more compassionate, if only towards a Sakura heartbroken over the destruction of the Shibuya mansion. As mentioned before, Ogami is actually a kind person, which was also mentioned by Yuuki.

In chapterhe went to so much trouble to save the cats, including Yuuki in his lost formfrom an explosion during one of Ogami's missions, even though he gave the cold shoulder to Yuuki as he compliments Ogami of being kind.

It was the first time he met Yuuki, too. He has begun to change his views and opinions about killing as shown in chapter as he states death brings nothing but regret and pity. This is best seen when he does not kill Haruto after their second encounter, and how he defended Lily a previous enemy, seeing she changed. Ogami can also be quite clueless, especially about love, since he seemed oblivious to Sakura's feelings towards him and found her blush very intriguing.

He thought it was a rare kind unique characteristic, finding all these all very new to him. Eventually he becomes more open to others, principally those who are closest to him.Ryo used to be the best friend of Hayato, and is currently investigating Hayato's betrayal of the Sword of Logos. He has a son named Sora. Ryo is a swordsman with great pride who cares deeply for his son and gets aggressive whenever something bad happens to him.

Ryo heavily underestimates situations, looks down on Touma and Rintaro and ignores their advice to keep his son off the battlefield. As such when something does indeed happen, Ryo doesn't calmly tackle the situation and ignores any potential risks. Ryo later decides to believe in Touma after Kento vouched for him and Touma followed through with his promise.

Rider Statistics [1]. Ability Parameters [1]. Compared to Saber and Blades, Buster has higher punching power and kicking power than the two, but due to its heavy armor, his running speed and maximum jump height is significantly low. Appearances: Saber Episode 3 - 57. Rider Statistics [4]. Ability Parameters [4]. Grand Spinning Cut : Buster summons a beanstalk to stop an attack, and launches himself as he slashes the enemy in one cut.

Appearances: Saber Episode 4. This wiki. This wiki All wikis.

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